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Saturday, October 2nd

Yolanda and I are back in Costa Rica after a brief visit to Florida and Alabama.  We're really excited about a few new projects that are in the works. It looks like CRMP will be planning three mission trips for Costa Ricans next fall (like the the trip to Missouri and Florida this summer).  Right now it looks like we will be taking a team to Birmingham, a team to Cuba and a team to El Salvador.  I think its awesome and that those who for so many years have been on the receiving end of mission teams are now getting the opportunity to "go"!  And I'm thrilled that God is using CRMP to make this happen.  I think that this model is going to get a lot of attention and hopefully open a lot of eyes to the fact that we are ALL called to be in mission, we were ALL commanded by Jesus to go to Jerusalem (home), Judea and Samaria (our neighbors) and to the ends of the earth (the ends of the earth)!  We have been praying about the growth of this ministry for a while now and I feel like what we are seeing happen now is a result of that.

Yolanda and I head back to the US again at the end of this month, first to Orlando and then on to NC for a few weeks.  Lots of church visits, time with family and hopefully I get a chocolate chess pie from my mom for my birthday!  

We currently have 25 teams signed up to work with us next year in Cortez and Alajuela.  Please be in prayer for them as they prepare for their time here and as always thank you for supporting Yolanda's and my work here,

Peace on Earth 

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