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Friday, June 24th

are the flights on time?... are there enough mattresses at the church for everyone?... did the hardware store deliver the materials on time?... is everyone feeling OK?... did they understand what I meant by "being church"?... did I already make the reservation for the zip line?...  are the 8 year olds who are here this week feeling like they are a part of this?... are the 70 year olds who are here this week feeling like they are a part of this?... How much longer longer can Hugo keep this up?... is it nacho night yet?... is it safe for me to be breathing this smoke coming off of the welds for 4 hours straight?... am I going to make it to the gas station before running out of diesel?... are we going to need to have three projects going on simultaneously every summer?... is the team being careful when they go out for ice cream after dinner?... Is the guy in front of the church "helping" people park cars in the street and yelling "americanos, americanos" every time the team walks by dangerous or just annoying?... are we over budget or under budget?... has it really been 8 years since this team came to work with us for the first time?...

This is just a sampling of the thoughts that run through my mind during a normal week.  Sometimes I feel more like an air traffic controller than a missionary.  Thankfully I was taught from my very first mission trip on, that flexibility is a KEY ingredient in any mission experience.  That means not only the teams have to be flexible but so do I.  Some weeks that really gets put to the test.  Other weeks, like this one, it almost seems too easy.  This week we have three different teams working on three different projects.  A total of 44 people.  They've been welding, pouring concrete, painting, digging, lifting, etc., etc. and it has been absolutely wonderful.  All three teams, some veteran, others here for the first time, "get it".  They've embraced and been embraced by the churches and communities where they are working.  They've been open to and experienced powerful and Spirit filled worship.  A 6 year old recited Acts 1:8 to me during our group time the first night.  A teenager told me that he was "freaking out" about how much he was loving Costa Rica.  A young adult asked to talk to me about discerning a calling to the mission field in Africa.  A DS told me, with tears in his eyes, the effect that a mission trip with CRMP has had on the life of his daughter.  What a blessing to be a part of this!

We are grateful for another week of fellowship and hard work.  We are also grateful for a week off next week and time to rest and visit with our friends here in San Isidro who we don't see enough of during this busy time of the year.  We are grateful that CRMP continues to grow, and that God is continuing to touch more and more lives through the work being done here.  Thanks for holding Yolanda and I up in prayer.

Peace on Earth,



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