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Sunday, February 12th

So here's the problem with facebook (as though there were only one!)... It's so much easier to update a facebook page than a web site, due to being connected by phone, tablet, laptop, etc., that I've really neglected our web site for the past 6 months.  To the point that someone just emailed me and asked if we were still working in Costa Rica.  I'm not one of the "tell people what you just had for lunch" facebook users, but it is such an easy way to keep the zillions of users up to date with what we are doing.  Honestly, I just kind of forgot that there are still some holdouts out there who still don't use it.  My apologies to you all (and thumbs up for fighting the good fight.  Long live the resistance!!).  Anyway, we ARE still working (very hard) in Costa Rica!

Yolanda and I were in the states for about 2 months at the end of 2011, visiting churches and family for the holidays.  Now were back and have had our first three teams come to work with us on the parsonage project in Changuena.  Team 4 got in last night.  We'll be working there every week except one from now until the first week of April, when we hope to move Pastor Humberto into his new home.  The work is going well (I hope to have the videos I've made posted here soon.  They are on the Costa Rica Mission Projects facebook page already).  As always it is a blessing to work with the good people in Changuena.  This project is a little bitter sweet.  After 7 years of working in CHanguena, basically there is nothing left to build... unless Humberto decides to plant another church farther up the road?!  Come April it will be hard to leave there not knowing when we will see our friends again.  Working there has been a huge part of the growth of CRMP and we have been blessed to be included in the growth of Humberto's ministry there.

We have TONS of teams signed up for our Summer projects.  We will be building a parsonage and two educational buildings, so our team will be split up among the different work sites.  Its great to see our own team growing (read: maturing) to the point that that is an option for us.  It bodes well for planning future projects when we need to accomodate more than one team at a time (as is already the case in the Summers). 

We have a number of new teams signed up this year and are looking forward to turning these "new friends" into "old friends".  It is a blessing to see this family continuing to grow year after year.  Thanks to everyone who holds us up in prayer and supports the work that God is doing here in so many different ways.  

Peace on Earth,

Wil Bailey, CostaRicaMissionProjects

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    Costa Rica Mission Projects - Blog - Sunday, February 12th
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    Costa Rica Mission Projects - Blog - Sunday, February 12th

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