Tuesday, November 30th

It's been a bitter sweet week for Costa Rica Mission Projects.  Two members of our team, Kike and Felipe, who have been working with us for 5 and 6 years respectively, both informed me that they won't be working with us next year.  Bitter, because we'll really miss having them both around.  They've been such a important part of our family for so long and mean so much to the teams that have come to work with us, not to mention how hard they work week in and week out.  Sweet because actually, this is what Yolanda and I have praying for for a while now.  Kike is going to be studying full time and Felipe is going to dedicate his time to our church in San Isidro and to developing his love for music.  We are proud of both of them for taking this step in their personal lives and we hope that the time they have spent with us for the past few years has provided them with some of  the skills and talents that they will need in this new stage of their lives.  

Due to the generosity of the CRMP family after the floods a couple of weeks ago, we were able to make a $2,000 donation to the Rice and Beans ministry that our friend Fred Curry runs down here.  That's enough to get emergency food packs to 200 families.  His crew will be heading into the Quepos area (where very little assistance has made it so far) in the next few days.  The rest of the donations will be used to offer some more long term assistance to some of the families that were forced to seek refuge at our church in San Isidro.

I'll be heading to Alajuela on Thursday for the Evangelical Methodist Church of Costa Rica's Annual Conference.  I'm looking forward to spending a couple of days with the Methodist pastors and deligates from all over the country and to hear about what's going on in their ministries.  Yolanda and I will be spending the next few weeks resting, spending time with her family and getting ready for next year.  

Again, thanks for supporting our work here in Costa Rica.  God Bless.

Wil Bailey


Tuesday, November 9th

For those of you who have been praying for Costa Rica, thanks. The rains have stopped and the recovery has begun. Thousands of families have been forced from their homes and are now faced with whether or not they will be able to return home. Many lost everything. We are in the process of determining how CRMP can help and whether or not it affect our plans for next year a friend of ours, Fred Curry, is coordinating the purchase and distribution of emergency food bags to the hardest hit areas. each bag contains about 5 pounds of rice, 5 pounds of beans, 2 and a half pounds of sugar, a bag of flour and a bag of salt. That's enough for a family of 4 or 5 for 4 or 5 days. The cost of a bag is $10. If you or your church would like to donate money for emergency bags, please let me know as soon as possible. Money can be deposited at Wachovia in the CRMP account (#2000037373180), or you can mail a check made out to Costa Rica Mission Projects to 4717 Gardenia CIrcle, Rocky Mount, NC 27804. Thanks in advance for your help.


CRMP - Year End Wrap Up

Costa Rica Mission Projects – Year End Wrap Up

2010 has been another year full of blessings, hard work and challenges. We were able to complete three projects, add new members to the CRMP family, witness new members joining the Body of Christ and take major steps in adding another facet to this ministry. Yolanda and I are well, resting and preparing for a month long trip to visit churches, promote our work here and spend some time with family in North Carolina.

From January through March we were back in La Bonita de Changuena for the second year in a row. We finished the church kitchen and the sanctuary that we started in 2009 and also built a Sunday school building, complete with bathrooms and a storage/supply room. Anyone who has worked with us in Changuena knows what a blessing it is to spend time with the special people there. This year was no different. It was so exciting to see that the day we put the roof on the new building (about half way through the construction process) they had their first church leaders meeting there. From that point on they had weekly youth meetings, usually with a group of 25 or more. The fact that the building wasn't even done yet wasn't even a minor inconvenience for them!

While we were in Changuena we realized that two church families lived in homes that were either incomplete or totally unfit to be lived in. So the last three weeks, in addition to the church projects, we also sent small teams to help them. Henry is still smiling from ear to ear he's so happy with his new little home. Sidney, the owner of the home where we helped finish putting up exterior walls and doors, came by the church as the last team was leaving and asked me if I would thank them for “spending this week with my family...” I think he really captured the spirit of what CRMP is about, it's not about construction work, it's about building relationships within the Body of Christ.

We plan to be back in La Bonita de Changuena in early 2012 to build a parsonage for Umberto and Lili. They consistently have 40 or more people coming for worship! Some walk for over an hour to get there. If the church continues to grow, then Humberto and Lili will move in 2012 to La Bonita to pastor that church full time. We started working with them in Santa Lucia 5 years ago and have been blessed to be a part of the growth of their ministry in Changuena.

From May through August we were back at Kilometer 37, with the exception of 4 weeks that we worked in San Isidro. We are finished with the camp at K37! The cabins have all been re-painted, the leaky faucets have been fixed, the bathroom building next to the gym is done and the secondary roof is up, around two sides of the gymnasium. We've left money with the Superintendent for the lighting system of in the gym and paint for one more coat on the dining hall/kitchen building. This project took four years to complete and it is one that we are all very, very proud of. The district is ready to start scheduling events there already and there has been a lot of interest from non-Methodist groups as well. It's looking like it will be as busy as we had hoped.

We also finished the sanctuary in Piedras Blancas. Pastor William had 80 people coming for worship in their old building, but only had room for 60. Now he has about 100 coming, but has room for 200! I don't think it will be long before the Lord fills that sanctuary too. One of our Summer teams this year focused on evangelism for the week they were there and saw the fruits of their labor at the worship service at the end of the week when two of the families they had visited accepted Christ and joined the church!

As I mentioned, we also spent a week in San Isidro building a new sunday school room, repairing the old parsonage and doing some routine repair and maintenance on the bunk rooms where our teams stay in route to other projects.

Perhaps the biggest news of the summer was our mission trip to Missouri and Florida. In August we took a group of 16 to work in the Kansas City area alongside our good friends from Blue Springs United Methodist Church. To me, this trip really exemplified what we are trying to accomplish through CRMP. All of us are called to the mission field. Jesus commanded his disciples to go to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth. I don't think that that command was meant only for the Christians in the US. We are ALL called to go and serve anywhere in the world that there is need. After Kansas City we spent 3 days in Ft. Lauderdale with our Christ Church family. We are so grateful to both of these congregations for opening the door to what may become a consistent part of our ministry in Costa Rica. We are currently planning three mission trips abroad from Costa Rica for next year. Please be in prayer for our mission opportunities in Alabama, Cuba and El Salvador. Our hope is that one third of our congregation in San Isidro will be able to participate in a foreign mission trip next year.

Yolanda and I are thrilled with what's been accomplished this year through CRMP with the Lord's help and the help of all of our partners. We are anxiously looking ahead to 2011. We will spend the first part of the year working on the parsonage in Ciudad Cortes and the Summer months working on several different projects in the Alajuela District. We want to thank you all once again for your commitment to this ministry. Thank you for holding us up in prayer, thank you for coming to be with us here or sending your loved ones to do so, and thank you for the financial support that makes it possible for Yolanda and I to be here and serve in this way.


Peace on Earth,

Wil and Yolanda Bailey



Saturday, October 2nd

Yolanda and I are back in Costa Rica after a brief visit to Florida and Alabama.  We're really excited about a few new projects that are in the works. It looks like CRMP will be planning three mission trips for Costa Ricans next fall (like the the trip to Missouri and Florida this summer).  Right now it looks like we will be taking a team to Birmingham, a team to Cuba and a team to El Salvador.  I think its awesome and that those who for so many years have been on the receiving end of mission teams are now getting the opportunity to "go"!  And I'm thrilled that God is using CRMP to make this happen.  I think that this model is going to get a lot of attention and hopefully open a lot of eyes to the fact that we are ALL called to be in mission, we were ALL commanded by Jesus to go to Jerusalem (home), Judea and Samaria (our neighbors) and to the ends of the earth (the ends of the earth)!  We have been praying about the growth of this ministry for a while now and I feel like what we are seeing happen now is a result of that.

Yolanda and I head back to the US again at the end of this month, first to Orlando and then on to NC for a few weeks.  Lots of church visits, time with family and hopefully I get a chocolate chess pie from my mom for my birthday!  

We currently have 25 teams signed up to work with us next year in Cortez and Alajuela.  Please be in prayer for them as they prepare for their time here and as always thank you for supporting Yolanda's and my work here,

Peace on Earth 


Friday, September 10th

WHEW!...that's about all I've got right now...whew!  In 2006 we started rebuilding the camp facilities at Kilometer 37.   After 5 years and over 100 volunteer teams, we're done.  The last team to work there left before our mission trip to the US, but Hugo, myself and the CRMP crew have been working there by ourselves for the last three weeks to get everything wrapped up.  There was still lots of welding, roofing and some electrical to do.  There are a couple of toilets and sinks left to install and I've left money with Chako (the DS) for the lighting in the gym, but we, CRMP, are officially done.  While Hugo and the guys spent this week installing the electrical system in the new locker rooms by the gym, I drove back and forth from the camp to San Isidro with loads of mattresses and tools that we had accumulated.  I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone on our team when I say we are thrilled to see this project complete.  The really good news is that Chako has a waiting  list of people wanting to rent it.  Please pray along with us that everyone who comes to activities there will experience God's presence in a new and special way.  CRMP is forever grateful for everyone who participated with us on this project over the past 5 years.  I hope you are as excited about how it turned out as we are.

Yolanda and I will be in the states at the end of the month in meetings in Florida and Alabama, discussing possible mission trip options for our church here in San Isidro.  One option would involve taking another team to the US next fall, the other option would be a trip to Cuba (Costa Ricans don't have the same limitations on travel to Cuba as North Americans do.)  Please pray the God opens the doors to make these mission trips a reality.  I've been named the Director of International Missions at our church in San Isidro and our hope is to send out three different foreign mission teams next year.   The third team would go help our good friend Brian Dubberly who works with the Methodist Church in El Salvador.  It's very exciting to part of such a mission minded congregation and to see them coming to the realization that, "we can do this too!"

In October and November Yolanda and I will be in the states again for a round of church visits, preaching and presentations.  Sorry we can't get to all of you, but we're looking forward to the visits that we do have planned.  We'll get to spend my birthday with family in North Carolina and then we'll be back in CR through Christmas.  Our first team next year will be here on January 2nd, so we'll try to rest sometime between now and then as well!  This will probably be my last blog for a while since out life is pretty boring with no teams around.  Thank you all for your love and faithful support.  Peace,

Wil and Yolanda Bailey