Friday, September 4

It's been a while since my last post.  Yolanda and I have made one trip to the states (for vacation) and will soon be making another one (not for vacation).  We will be driving all over the place visiting friends and churches that are part of the CRMP family.  It's going to be a heck of a road trip (FLA, NC, GA, AL, MS, MO, KA, MS (again), NC), driving all the way to Topeka, Kansas but it will be nice to see where all these teams come from!  The folks that have been doing the videos for the web site are working on one that I can use as part of our presentation.  That means I won't have to talk so much, which I'm all for!  We'll head back to Costa Rica in November and be here through the end of the year.  We have 20 teams scheduled for 2010 so far plus a reverse mission trip taking Costa Ricans to Missouri and Florida.  It's been nice to have some time off to recuperate from the first half of 2009, but I have to admit I'm already looking forward to next year.




Thursday, July 30th

Our last two summer teams are finishing up at the camp today and tomorrow.  They've gotten the trusses up for the gym, (I cannot tell you how proud and relieved I was when the last one was in place.)  The walls for the bathrooms and changing rooms are assembled and being plastered.  The parsonage looks amazing.  When Hugo asked me if we could put a new roof on the parsonage I didn't realize we would wind up doing a complete remodel of the house, but we did and the difference is incredible.  I can't wait for William and his family to move back in.

We have the whole month of August off, not on purpose, it just worked out that way, so our CRMP team is heading in different directions for a few weeks and then we'll be back together in September.



Thursday, July 23

We're definitely back in the rainy season.  It's been raining since dawn and probably will all day.  The two teams here right now are doing great.  Douglasville is a veteran team who've been coming since 2004 and St. Andrews is here for the first time.  It's cool to see how they've meshed and become one team.  They've poured the footings around the new bathrooms and changing rooms for the gym, re-painted the gym trusses for the last time, Installed and painted the rest of the ceiling in the parsonage, the electrical is done in the parsonage, the drainage field for the septic system was put in, and windows were installed.  I hope I haven't missed anything.  

We're going to try to get the trusses up on the gym at the beginning of next week while the teams help us get the parsonage painted and the slabs in the walls of the bathrooms/changing rooms.  Then we'll turn our attention back to the new sanctuary in Piedras Blancas.  



Friday, July 17th

We just got home from the retreat center project and are all exhausted!  We've had three churches here this week, 67 missioners plus our team makes almost 80 people.  I don't know how Yolanda and Fannie managed but they prepared amazing hot meals three times a day all week long.  We got the rest of the walls put in at the new sanctuary we're building in Piedras Blancas, All the columns up for the bathrooms and changing rooms by the gym and  we got the sidewalks poured around the parsonage and half of the ceiling installed.  In the meantime the teams managed to have loads of fun as well.  It was awesome  to see how they all blended together, to the point that it was hard to tell who was from what church.  We have five teams to go and I feel like we'll be able to get each of these projects completed to the extent that we had planned on for this year.

Yolanda and I are celebrating 6 awesome years of marriage this weekend.  Thanks to each of you who holds us and this ministry up in your prayers.


Peace on Earth


Wednesday, July 1st

It's been a tough couple of weeks for CRMP, but we're back at it with teams from Conway UMC in Orlando and Christ Church UMC in Birmingham.  They've gotten the new roof on the parsonage at K37 and are hard at work plastering the walls.  The parsonage was kind of a last minute project and we're glad to see it coming along so quickly.  We're also working on the new sanctuary at Piedras Blancas this week.  The footings are almost done and they got all the slabs in one side of the sanctuary put in today.  Huguito and Felipe are hard at work trying to get the roof structure for the gym welded up so we can put the roof on.

Thanks for all of your prayers.